Telugu Association of South Carolina (TASC) is the primary organization of Telugu community residents from Columbia area in South Carolina. It was formed to preserve and propagate the Telugu cultural heritage and maintain the identity of Telugu speaking people. TASC is dedicated to bringing Telugu families together by hosting various events each year; which provide a platform for the adults and kids to showcase their talent and exhibit the amazing history of Telugu culture.

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ఉగాది సంబరాలు - 2015

Our hearty congratulations and kudos to all participants and their teachers for the wonderful entertainment they provided to all Indian community in South Carolina. We had a great variety of excellent programs just like our Ugadi pachadi. The classical dances under the guidance of our able teachers, as always, were beautiful, colorful and vibrant portraying our culture. The Dashavataram fusion was one of the best programs of this year and every kid in that program did an excellent job. The Sankarabharanm skit brought back wonderful memories of one of the classical Telugu movie. The Movie dances, Folk dances made the audience tap their feet and clap their hands. We also had slokas by kids and Sri suktham by Sritha Oruganti was the sweetest we have ever heard, she at the age of six was able to chant the whole mantra without any prompting and with such perfect pronunciation. We had wonderful Instrumental music this year by kids on Piano, Flute and Violin. The other highlight of the program was provided by the Columbia Telugu PataSala kids reciting satakalu which is the unique poetic feature of Telugu. We had a visitor from Charlotte to explain and encourage our kids and adults to participate in the Telugu PataSala. 

We wish and hope everyone strives to better their performance every year with more variety, creativity encapsulating our tradition and culture in every program. This year has certainly raised the bar of on stage performances for years to come. 

Last but not least, we are very thankful to all the volunteers without whom this Celebrations wouldn't be possible. 

We wish to hear constructive comments from our community, so please reply back to us with your comments and suggestions. Once again thank you for a wonderful performance. 

Thank You,
TASC Committee.